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Coriander seeds are one of the ingredientsMedicinal herbal coriander with a history of 6,000 yearsShizoengine in corianderumbrella coriander


Wholesale Suppliers Coriander Seeds 2019 are iffering good price. In England and Germany, they make beer and wine flavored with coriander. And special local bread is cooked with coriander powder.
In France, coriander may be less well-known. And less than German and English eat coriander. But they use coriander extract to make natural fragrances. Of course, just a little bit of coriander powder is consumed in bakery and sweets. But some French breadcrushers bring coriander seeds into their breads. To have a nice smell. And to change the taste of the old flour. Use Wholesale Suppliers Coriander Seeds 2019.

Coriander seeds are one of the ingredients

Masala is a famous spice-maker. And in Europe, when they want to cook the mushroom in ancient Roman style. Coriander powder is added to it. With coriander seeds, cookies and local cookies make a lot of names. Also, they use coriander essential oil in perfumes, eau de cologne and soap. In Algeria, coriander powder is used for local dishes. Spray coriander seeds with pepper and salt to meat. And keep it for a long time. Use Wholesale Suppliers Coriander Seeds 2019. Use Wholesale Suppliers Coriander Seeds .

Medicinal herbal coriander with a history of 6,000 years

Coriander is perhaps one of the most ancient plants in human life. Coriander and coriander seeds are on the list of many old doctors. Among them were Hippocrates, Bu-Ali Sinai, Zakaria Razi, Abu Rhyhan Exterior and Medieval Doctors. Coriander seeds have been with humans since 6,000 years ago. Man used coriander for oral and meal use. The use of coriander and coriander seeds is more than its nutritional value. Its food use was most common in India and Indonesia and the Indian Ocean. Then moved to the Middle East and then to Europe. But the origin of this plant is Africa. The ancient man used crushed coriander leaves.

It uses deep battles to disinfect wounds. Coriander and coriander seeds are highly anti-microbial and anti-infectious. Of course, the properties of coriander seeds are well known in traditional medicine. Traditional and ancient medicine used a lot of coriander seeds.

Shizoengine in coriander

coriander plants have extracts and essential oils in all their organs. Namely in the internal ducts called Shizoengine. It has aromatic compounds. But the coriander seeds and roots are more concentrated and more important. The dark-headed umbilical cats mostly go to temperate and semi-arid, semi-humid areas. Resistant to dehydration and drought. And generally they do not require much water during their growing season. Even this does not require much water. Because it is effective in the quality of their essential oils. This property is related to the origin of the emergence of coriander. That means the dry areas of Africa. The dryness of the coriander’s nature enhances the oil.

umbrella coriander

umbrella coriander and umbrella plants are very similar. All of them have empty stems. Their flowers are also an umbrella. Tiny flowers that  integrated. Coriander has a simple or compound umbrella. The diagnosis of umbrella infestation is simple. You can easily see it. Most of the herbaceous coriander species are one year old. Or two or more years old. Coriander used in agriculture is usually one year old. Harvesting is usually done once or twice. The leaves are simple and alternate.

The use of coriander seeds is more common nowadays. In Egypt, it was useful as a light opiate. In some ethnic groups smoked coriander in religious ceremonies. That is, they burned coriander seeds. To create smoke. The smoke is very concentrated. Because the coriander seeds have a lot of oil. Coriander seeds provide many ingredients and compounds. Use Wholesale Suppliers Coriander Seeds .

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