rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019

rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019

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rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019. The use of herbs is 6,000 years old. And for a long time, it has been one of the most important tools for people to overcome disease. Medicinal herbs have been and will be a good gift. After the advent of medicine and the widespread use of synthetic drugs, the tendency of a number of people to have medicinal herbs dropped. But it’s proven today. Use rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019.

The chemical compounds of medicinal plants are much better and more thoroughly. But now, after about a century of absolute authority, modern medicine passes. Today, herbal medicine has risen again. And today’s attention is more to plant compounds. Many of these compounds not even synthesized in the lab.

rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019

Learn Coriander better

Coriander has been useful 6000 years ago as a medicinal herb and holy plant, and the ancient Egyptians were the first. Who have been using this herb. This plant also cultivated in ancient Egypt. There are other documents on the use of coriander seeds in the Roman Empire.

Coriander is a herb with scientific name Coriandrum sativum. According to botanists, this herb is native to Southwest Asia and North Africa. At the end of the growing season, its height reaches a meter. Mostly produced coriander produced from countries. Because coriander is an industrial plant. Which accounts for about 56% of its production. In Iran, coriander  mainly produced in the province of Hamedan, Nahavand. And the rest are taken in cities such as Eghlid and ….

rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019


What are the amazing properties of coriander?

The leaves and fruits of this plant have a very special flavor. And so they are useful in different ways. They are useful in a variety of foods. Coriander is a well-known plant. And one of the things that Hippocrates and Iranian and Egyptian physicians discovered. And used it for medical and research purposes. The Romans also used coriander as a common spice. They even cultivated it. Later, Coriander was brought to America. Due to the essential oil used in leaf and stem.

The coriander seeds are round, small and airy. But coriander does not lose its perfume by drying and freezing. Therefore, they must be used freshly. Or in a dry place at a temperate temperature.

rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019

Delicious coriander seeds

Coriander leaves have a delicious taste. The taste is similar to lemon peel. It makes the food taste more delicious by spraying it on the food or in the form of a tin. It is consumed in sauce, soup or spices. In India, coriander seeds are very common. It is an important part of the spice of the work. It usually grinds large grains. Creamy flavor with curry powder. Young leaves are usually more fragile and have more essential oils. And used in salads. Spraying with a coriander leaf scent it scents. rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019.

rate dry coriander seeds traders in mandi 2019


Therapeutic value for coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are useful as a treatment aid. Coriander helps digestion and cures gastric diseases. In chinese Indian and European medicine, coriander seeds are often useful in combination. Because the taste of coriander is cold.

You can make a teaspoon of coriander seeds boiled. This tea is useful to relieve nausea and stomach ache. It is also useful for treating indigestion. It is helpful to eliminate stomach bloating and relieve stomach upset and stimulate appetite.

Coriander is sometimes useful as a laxative for the treatment of constipation. And sometimes used to treat diarrhea. Coriander seeds are also good to soothe bad breath. And useful as mouthwash.

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