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Why the coriander seed has a special placeIranian Coriander Seeds propertiesProperties of dry and raw corianderUnique features of coriander seeds
Iranian Coriander Seeds

Iranian Coriander Seeds is one of the greatest. Some plants have been there for thousands of years. They serve humans. Wild species have always been raging. The men of the old civilizations sought to recognize the plants. Including the Greeks. And such as Hippocrates and Aristotle. The use of some wild plants was known. They used it to treat diseases. They also sought food in their seeds. Among these plants are coriander. Coriander is a wild herb. African native coriander and mummified. It was also cultivated in Asia. This is a miracle plant. It has many medicinal applications. Has a nutritional value. And finally. It has a great fragrance. Has a special aroma. Due to this, oil and its extract are also used. Oil and its extract are used in perfume production. It is also used in the production of sweets. In this article we will learn more about coriander.

Iranian Coriander Seeds

Why the coriander seed has a special place

This is good coriander. Which can be grown anywhere. In Asia and Europe. Grows in Africa and the United States. The lowest yield is about 1 ton per hectare. Sometimes it’s the best product in good condition. In case of good planting and care, it can be taken up to 5 tonnes per hectare. From this passage, all Europe and Americans want coriander. Therefore, we see a lot of coriander imports into Europe. Most produced in Russia. This means the world is easy to coriander. This means the need for Coriander is easy to get. Millions of coriander seeds are ready to exports annually. All of these add Coriander Properties. The extract and its oil are valuable. use and bye Iranian Coriander Seeds.

Iranian Coriander Seeds

Iranian Coriander Seeds properties

Drinking a cup of sweetened coriander is good during the day. Blood pressure reduces. In addition to drinking sweetened coriander before eating well. It prevents bloating and indigestion. It is also beneficial to prevent stomach upset.

The chemical composition and ingredients contained in 100 g coriander

  • Water 7.5 grams
  • Cellulose 38 g
  • Fatty substances 15 g
  • Acidogasic 1 g
  • Calcium 170 mg
  • Vitamin A 200 units
  • Vitamin C 50mg Fvide and

Iranian Coriander Seeds

Properties of dry and raw coriander

Coriander contains vitamin A, vitamin C. It contains vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. It contains calcium, potassium and fiber. Coriander is a stomach ache. And as a digestive tract enhancer. Known for digestion. Research shows. It also removes lead and aluminum. Coriander has an effect on the body and is awesome. Brewed coriander seeds prevent the disease. The herb prevents gastric disease. It also relieves bile pain greatly. Coriander seeds are very good for the treatment of obsession.

Coriander is  as a low-sugar glycogen but it does this by stimulating the secretion of insulin. This effect is to the extent that it is also called anti-diabetes.

Like gold Europe and the United States are seeking further imports of this product. In addition to home applications. Coriander has many industrial applications. With every motive you want coriander. Get it from our site.

Iranian Coriander Seeds

Unique features of coriander seeds

coriander seed is the most important coriander product. In fact, the popularity of coriander is due to its seeds. Coriander seeds are very small. In the form of a circle. 4 to 6 mm in diameter. Appearance. To doubt, there is a double sheath. The shell is easily detached. Usually, coriander seeds are considerable with its crust. In general, coriander seeds have unique properties. All my valuable ingredients are coriander in its seeds. Some health benefits of coriander seeds are as follows.

  • Coriander seed is a heart-warming and uplifting person. Coriander seeds have digestive properties.
  •  To improve your good lung function. They use coriander seeds to boil
  •  For colds, fever and colds are beneficial. See its miraculous effect.
  • Coriander seeds increase the milk of nursing mothers
  • Coriander seed is basal and urinating.
  •  To ease the pain of coriander seed teeth
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