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Some Coriander Therapeutic Properties export coriander seed price today in Europecoriander use in other cultures
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export coriander seed price today in sri lanka noticeable. Coriander Fruit is one of the most important sources of essential oil. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, coriander seeds have anti-microbial effects. And analgesic and bloating, antispasmodic and stomach acuity. The food is an appetite, painful sinusitis. It is useful for the ears and eyes and teeth. In cases where poisoning is caused by the onset of infection in the intestines. Has an antibacterial effect. In old medicine, headache and chest pain and cough and asthma were useful. For this, they often sipped it in the cheek and smoke it. Smoke from burning coriander seeds is useful. It has an antiseptic effect. export coriander seed price today.

coriander seeds

Some Coriander Therapeutic Properties

Coriander and coriander seeds are cool and dry in the ancient Iranian medicine. The properties of coriander seeds are as follows. export coriander seed price today

  • Pour coriander seeds. And mix in equal proportions with sugar or honey. It is very useful for strengthening the body.
  • Stomach strengthens.
  • Eating coriander seeds with food helps digest food.
  • It is diarrhea.
  • Regulatory.
  • Eliminates worms in the stomach and intestines.
  • It is helpful to remove the typhoid fever.
  • It has antibacterial properties and eliminates infectious intestinal diseases.
  • Eliminates tabs.
  • Use coriander seedlings to boost the lungs.
  • Chopped coriander seeds are sleepy.
  • Eliminates Zakam.
  • Coriander seeds increase milk in mothers.
  • Coriander seeds are useful for relieving pain.
  • Heart reinforcement.
  • Cauliflower Coriander Oil Dissolves Blood Diarrhea.
coriander seeds

 export coriander seed price today in Europe

Since ancient times, coriander has been consumed as a nutritious spice. Egyptians and Romans consumed coriander. They ate bread and stew. Today, coriander is consumed in tabacco and preparing food. In the Nordic countries and the Angloosa countries, the cornstarch is mixed with vinegar. And consumed in canned meat. To make it fragrant. And also for a long time to maintain it. export coriander seed price today

In the UK and Germany, they make beer with coriander. And special bread and bread are cooked with coriander seeds. In France, less than Germany and England, they eat coriander. They use less coriander in bakery and cookies. But some French breadcrushers bring coriander seeds into their breads. To change the taste of the old flour.

coriander use in other cultures

Coriander seeds are one of the spice combinations. And in France, when they want to cook the mushroom in Greek style. Coriander seeds are sliced. Coriander seeds make a lot of lycra to different names. Also, they use coriander essential oil in perfumes, eau de cologne and soap. In Algeria, they use coriander seeds. Spray it with pepper and salt to meat. And keep it for a long time. export coriander seed price today.

It is necessary to say that the coriander seeds are smelly when fresh. It smells bad smell. When dry, it gets a pleasant, aromatic smell. That everyone likes it. They call it Arabic.


As you can see, coriander seeds also have many properties. It has a lot of nutrition. It also has a lot of drugs. Seedlings Despite all these properties, the product is very valuable. But still its price is low. So that all people can buy this valuable seed. you can order it at any time. Coriander seeds also are freshly dried. Because it has stronger properties. And it has a lot of taste and smell. Many countries today produce and export coriander. Many countries also import it. India and Russia are the largest coriander producers. But it does consume a lot of coriander seeds. Art studios. Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean countries produce coriander. export coriander seed price today.

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