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Trade coriander seeds Coriander Seeds split & whole & Powder . How much do you use medicinal herbs? What herbal medicines have you ever used? What methods do you use to make vegetable سس ها? Coriander is one of the best herbs. Approximately 5000 years since the discovery of this plant passes. Coriander has been a holy plant. In the Inca and India communities coriander seeds have been useful . It was also useful to perform religious ceremonies in Egypt. There are also works of coriander seeds found in the Tomb of Khamoun. Other Egyptian pharaohs also used coriander seeds. Coriander and coriander seeds have a special place for Pharaohs. In ancient Greece, coriander has been used as a medicine. Coriander was useful to treat depression. Hippocrates and Aristotle knew this plant well. They recommended taking it in daily food.

Coriander has an unknown landmark, but some studies have shown that this old scented plant comes from North Africa. Coriander grows in every climate And  you can buy it every season. This plant, which is stem and Leaves , is used as an aromatic vegetable all over the world. Because it gives a good taste to the food and can be used in different ways . In fact , taking it as a fragrant vegetable in food or in the form of brewing, or in eating it , can help improve the function of the intestines, as it has excellent antispasmodic properties.

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Application of coriander seeds in Indian food culture

Application of coriander seeds in Indian food cultureIndian food is more than 7,000 years old with coriander. India is the land of coriander.  Although the consumption of coriander and gingerbread in India is high. This does not reduce the export of coriander seeds from India. India has indigenous species of coriander. The taste and odor of Indian coriander seeds are unique. This valuable seed is present throughout the Indian life. Hindi plant coriander is sacred. And they consider it the gift of Allah. They pour coriander seeds and mix with chilli powder. Indian people dry this plant and add other spices to it. They use in every food. And in some of their syrups they use Masala tea. Coriander seeds are also useful in the preparation of Masala spice.

Coriander seeds in European cuisine

Coriander seeds in European cuisinecertainly , Coriander seeds and leaves are familiar to Europe and European cuisine. Its seeds have been imported into Europe for more than 400 years. In Europe, coriander seeds and coriander leaves are useful . To increase the meat’s lifespan. Coriander and coriander seeds have antibacterial properties. And reduces the growth of meat-destroying bacteria. Coriander seeds are also used to flavor Edible.This seed can be useful to Delicious Nectar. coriander seed to buy and sale is a good trade way.

Coriander seed production in the world

Coriander seed production in the worldyearly coriander production in the world reaches more than 230 thousand tons Every year . About 59% of it is produced by Russia. The country harvests 130,000 tons of coriander annually. Russia also produces about 1000 tons of essential oil and coriander oil each year. Extracts the essential oil by steam distillation. Other methods for extracting coriander oil are also useful . The most important coriander producing countries are. The quality of coriander seeds produced in these countries is good.

  • Russia
  • India
  • Italy
  • Belfast
  • Spain
  • Morocco

Treating heartburn with coriander seeds

Treating heartburn with coriander seedsKnit the coriander seeds to become soft. Take four teaspoons of tea in a glass of boiling water Eat first. Then take a glass of it. Your cholera is getting better. On the outside, they use powdered fruit or oil to make it. This is a soothing ointment. For the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint pain is useful . In the coriander seed mixture, there is an aroma with appetizing properties. Which is useful in the preparation of various meat dishes. Like burgers and pizzas. In the preparation of some flavored yogurts. Bake some breads and sweets.

Coriander seeds as food or medicine

Coriander seeds as food or medicineCoriander seeds are powdered. Also, Coriander seeds are useful in grains. Roasted coriander is also useful in the life of Indian people. Daily 1 g of coriander seeds is in Indian food. This value has several units of vitamins A, K. People with non-coagulation. Use a lot of coriander. Coriander seed is one of the best spices. Along with all these benefits. Coriander seeds contain extracts and essential oils. Which is useful in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the Differences between coriander seed and cilantro?

What are the Differences between coriander seed and cilantro?Some herbs and foods do not have the same name, and they know it in any country with a different name. Coriander, like other herbs, has several names. One of these names is cilantro. coriander seed and cilantro are called plant that grows about fifty centimeters and are used as spices in various foods. What are the benefits of this spice (dried coriander seed)?

  1. Recovery and treatment of depression: Coriander has a substance called Camphorol, which produces more serotonin and dopamine hormone. The two  substances produced in the body rejoice and deal with depression.
  2. Relaxation of nerves and treatment of insomnia: Coriander can be used to prevent insomnia, Coriander helps relax the nerves.
  3. Natural Body Freshener: Coriander is a fragrant vegetable that is an antidote to many poisonings. It is a natural fragrance by removing the bacteria present in the body.
  4. Preventing Diabetes: Coriander vegetables increase insulin secretion from the pancreas and also increase the amount of insulin available in the blood. If you want to prevent diabetes, we recommend that you eat coriander.
  5. Prevention of bladder stones: This vegetable is known as a diuretic, which reduces the risk of urinary tract stones, causing the vegetation to reduce urinary tract stones.
  6. Eliminate germs: Coriander has a natural alcohol that does a microbial process in the body. Antibiotic properties of this vegetable make it possible to be used as a natural remedy.
  7. Gastrointestinal health: Those who have digestive problems can use this vegetable, Coriander causes bloating and digestive problems. Coriander can also be used to prevent nausea and vomiting.
  8. Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure: Coriander helps reduce blood pressure, those who are suffering from high blood pressure should eat coriander. Reducing blood pressure reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  9. Increase eye sight: Coriander has beta-carotene and antioxidant which enhances vision. Use coriander seed spice to prevent eye diseases.
  10. Bone health: The vitamin K contained in this vegetable ensures bone health is guaranteed and prevents freezing of the bones.

Is it beneficial to buy bulk spices like Coriander seeds powder?

Is it beneficial to buy bulk spices like Coriander seeds powder? Because of the benefits of this amazing plant in every country, experts are researching this plant and publishing their research results worldwide. Spices like coriander seeds are useful in treating many diseases. Coriander is a Herb that is used extensively in the preparation of foods. The plant, native to South West Asia and West to North Africa, is widely used in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, India, South Asia, Latin America, China and Africa. In addition to giving the taste and smell to the food, Coriander also has a high nutritional value.

  • Anti-rheumatism: Cineol and linoleic are two essential acids found in coriander seeds and have anti-rheumatic effects.
  • Treatment for skin inflammation: Skin inflammation can cause serious problems if not treated, but coriander seeds are effective in reducing the problem and reduce inflammation.
  • Improves Skin Appearance: This plant can rejuvenate the skin. Apply coriander water once a day to your skin.
  • Skin itching: Many things can cause itching. Treat this serious problem with this magical solution.
  • A Natural Way to Improve Acne: If your face has acne and you’re sad. Try the combination of honey, coriander and turmeric and see its result.
  • Natural Eczema Treatment: Eczema is one of the biggest skin problems. It’s not easy to treat, but eat coriander for a short time because it has antifungal properties and can improve eczema.
  • Dry skin treatment: Coriander seeds also have peeling properties that help to treat dry skin.
  •  Increased hair growth: Inappropriate scalp reduces hair growth. Apply coriander oil to the scalp and increase hair growth.
  • Improve liver function: Proper and normal digestive function can improve liver function. When the intestine moves properly, the liver will not be pressed and function properly.
  • Improve Anemia from Coriander Properties: Anemia Causes Iron deficiency. Everyone knows that iron is indispensable to prevent anemia, and coriander seeds are rich in iron and other minerals that help to increase the production of red blood cells and oxygen to the body’s cells and fight against anemia.

Cheapest wholesale spices in 2019

Cheapest wholesale spices in 2019Some spices have many benefits and their prices are cheap. Coriander is one of these spices. Do you know that Coriander is the cheapest spice? coriander seed rate is very affordable compared to plants such as saffron and cumin. Bulk spices such as coriander seeds are sold in all stores.Many countries use this spice. But Iran, China, and India are among the most widely used spices. whole coriander seed is used in traditional medicine. Because the doctors of traditional medicine and modern medicine have realized the benefits of this plant. Treatment of simple diseases with herbs has less side effects to the body.

If you plan to buy cheap coriander seeds, be sure to use famous brands because these companies produce their plants organically and do not use harmful substances such as chemical fertilizers. Wholesale spices in Iran is a lucrative business.

Where to find coriander seed for sale & Export?

Where to find coriander seed for sale & Export?This spice can be bought in many different ways. If you are looking for Coriander Trade and export it to other countries, it is better Buy from farmers. Because it is more affordable and you have a lot of discounts. . But if you want to buy it in a small amount, buy it from the Spice Shop and super market.

The coriander seed market price depends on a lot of factors. One of these factors is the method of planting and the method of buy and sell it. Usually High quality coriander And organic coriander Is expensive.

Is coriander seed price the same in all countries?

Is coriander seed price the same in all countries? No The method of planting coriander seeds and other spices affects its price. This difference in prices is seen in all countries. Exporting and importing coriander seeds is effective in its price. Because Countries that do not have climate conditions are not effective in planting this plant and have to import it from countries such as Iran, China and India, the price is more expensive than the countries producing this spice .

Where to use coriander seed spice?

Where to use coriander seed spice?This spice is commonly used in various industries. In the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, this plant is used. Researchers believe that Coriander has forty-five benefits for body and health. The coriander is used in the preparation of pills and shampoos and creams and solutions .

What is the nutritional value per hundred grams of coriander seeds?

  • Vitamin A is 0.123 mg
  • Vitamin B1 0.239 mg
  • Vitamin B 2 290 mg
  • Vitamin B3 2.130 mg
  • Vitamin C 21 mg
  • Calcium 709 mg
  • Iron 16.32 mg
  • Magnesium 330 mg
  • phosphor 409 mg
  • Potassium 1.267 mg
  • Sodium 35 mg
  • Zinc 4.70 mg

Which country has cheapest coriander seed market price?

Which country has cheapest coriander seed market price?If you want to trade spices like coriander, you should buy cheaper countries. Iran is a coriander producing country and exports its products to countries like Turkey and Iraq.The coriander seed price in Iran is about five dollars per kilogram. Manufacturers of this plant sell in different ways. But most countries dry it because it has a longer Durability than fresh coriander. But the coriander seed powder price is more expensive than the price of fresh coriander.

Coriander is a herbalist who is widely used in traditional medicine. Because it is rich in oils that stimulate the digestive system and helps improve its function. The result is an effective treatment against anorexia caused by digestive disorders by disturbances in the pH of the stomach wall. Coriander has a high nutritional value, because it is a good source of important vitamins for the body. Among these vitamins are vitamin A,  B,  C,  E, k . Coriander is also rich in various minerals such as potassium or iron.

How Much is coriander seed powder price?

How Much is coriander seed powder price?The coriander seed price today in Iran is about $ 5 . Use coriander seeds if you want to not get sick in middle age and aging.  But because everyone has different tastes, many people do not like the taste and smell of this plant. For this reason, you can squeeze the coriander seeds and put them in milk and dough and eat.

dried and fresh and powder coriander seed prices are different.

The city of Nahavand has good and suitable land and if you buy coriander at an affordable price and without the presence of brokers from farmers, make sure our production and exports are multiplied.

The nutritional value of coriander contains hydrocarbons, sugars, fiber, fat, protein, water, vitamin A, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium. Coriander seeds are good with honey and sugar to strengthen the body. Stomach strengthens and helps digest it with food .

The extract and coriander seeds are very useful and beneficial for the oil, and the stomach and intestines are disinfected, and diarrhea and infectious diseases of the gut such as typhoid fever improve .

One of the traditional candy producers says about the coriander used in it: Since ancient times, the coriander Nahavand has been one of the most important souvenirs in the city. With some planning, it can be exported to other countries, but for years, foreign tourists are looking to buy it .

Where to find Fresh whole coriander seed?

Where to find Fresh whole coriander seed?Where to find fresh coriander seeds? you can buy it from online stores . Coriander is a useful vegetable that you can buy from stores throughout the year.

But if you can not buy from online stores, you can buy fresh coriander seeds from supermarkets and Spice Shop. But you should know the side effects of coriander seeds before buying .

  • Heartburn: coriander seed is a good treatment for many digestive problems. coriander seed is known as a gastric bulging outlet facilitator of the gastrointestinal tract. But while these healing properties may lead to another set of digestive problems. Heartburn is one of these problems that may occur with excessive coriander seed consumption. 
  •  Allergy: Excessive consumption of coriander seed causes skin irritation and allergies. People who are allergic to using coriander seed should be sure to use coriander seed at a low rate.
  •  damage to the liver: The oil in coriander is highly unstable, and excessive consumption of coriander seed over a long period of time can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. This oil is used in animals to prevent or treat muscle spasm. 
  •  Abortion: Excessive coriander seed consumption may cause abortion in pregnant women or induction of preterm labor. Therefore, pregnant women should not use a large amount of coriander seed. 
  •  People with diabetes should not eatcoriander seed : As stated, coriander seed quickly reduces blood glucose levels. People with diabetes should always be monitored for their blood glucose, and glucose swelling is not good enough for their health.  Therefore, diabetics do not consume coriander seed , or if they are forced to eat, be sure to observe moderation.
  •  Decreased blood glucose: The high consumption of coriander seed reduces blood glucose. 
  • Heavy menstruation: Taking large amounts of coriander leads to high bleeding during menstruation. It is better to use coriander seed with caution during this period. 
  •  burp: coriander seed may also cause bloating. The cause of burping in most cases is due to the arrival of air with food or drink to the stomach.  Therefore, bloating of the bowel and stomach is removed through the mouth. Although burp is not a problem, it may cause embarrassment! 
  • Addictive effects: High levels of coriander seed can be addictive because coriander seed has opiate properties. It can also lead to drowsiness , nausea , and distortion of mind. 

Cheapest coriander seed price today in Global market

Cheapest coriander seed price today in Global marketThe Cheapest coriander seed price today in Global market is about five to ten dollars.The price of this product in Iran is cheaper than other countries.

Coriander seed can be the treatment of many of the problems that arise over time in our body. But you need to know the benefits of each plant and seed. Coriander seeds are useful for improving stomach problems, and you can get help from this plant to help your patient and easily buy it .

Know the price of coriander seeds in your city. For this purpose, you can get good information from Famous Sellers about this.The cities of Tehran and Shiraz, Mashhad and Isfahan are the producers and exporters of coriander seeds in Iran.

Coriander seeds have been exported to countries such as Azerbaijan, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Pakistan, Qatar and Kuwait, and Pakistan has been the largest buyer of coriander seeds from Iran.

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