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Coriander seeds daily herbal medicine What is allergic syndrome?Coriander and anticoagulantsCoriander fatty acids

coriander seeds rate in chennai & kerala are affordable and nicly low. We talk about coriander in this article. Coriander seeds are only coriander fruits. Herb coriander is one or two years old with herbaceous tissue. Which has a hollow stem. All parts of coriander are edible. And in Asia, it is useful in all types of ash and meat and stew. But coriander seeds have a very high nutritional value. Use coriander seeds rate in chennai & kerala.

Coriander seeds contain at least 4 types of amino acids. It has a lot of protein. In the past, roasted chicory coriander is useful as a food or snack. Coriander seeds contain a lot of aromatic compounds. In addition, some antimicrobial compounds and antioxidant compounds are also found in coriander seeds. Use coriander seeds rate in chennai & kerala .

Coriander seeds daily herbal medicine

Coriander and coriander seeds are very much considered for traditional medicine. Of course, coriander seeds are cold and dry because of the high consumption of hot and dry areas in India. It reduces the body temperature and reduces blood concentrations. The most important properties of coriander seeds are as follows.
• Spread coriander seeds in coriander seeds. And mix with one to one and a half or one with honey. The resulting potion is very useful for the general strengthening of the body.
• Coriander powder corn germ strengthens the stomach.
• Eating coriander seeds with food improves digestion. It helps to digest food. coriander seeds improves kidney and bladder function
• Coriander seeds powder helps women.
• Coriander seeds are antibacterial and viral and pathogens. It kills worms in the stomach and intestines.

 What is allergic syndrome?

Excessive coriander consumption causes oral allergy syndrome. This syndrome is a sensitive reaction to some of the proteins found in coriander seeds. These materials are present in some vegetables and nuts or walnuts. People with this syndrome. Who suffer from allergies to environmental pollutants.
People who have this syndrome are allergic reactions after taking raw coriander. Reactions such as itching or burning in the mouth. Lips and throats. In most cases, these symptoms usually disappear after a few minutes. If these issues are not accompanied by other symptoms, it’s not usually serious. And there is no need to avoid the use of this vegetable.

Coriander and anticoagulants

Coriander has a cooling effect. And it is useful to deal with the smell of the oral body. Coriander leaves (dry or fresh) and coriander seeds contain high levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is required for coagulation. These people take anticoagulants such as coumarin or warfarin. They need to be careful about the vitamin K in their diet. And keep it constant. Because they are part of the vitamin, they also get medications.
Fresh vegetables such as coriander contain vitamin K. And so should be used merely spice. In fact, these people should not consume a lot of coriander. Especially not to eat vegetables. We recommend people who are being treated with anticoagulants. Talk with an expert on vitamin K food sources. And they will work on how to increase the amount of vitamin K in your body.

Coriander fatty acids

Coriander fatty acids composed of oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. Also, coriander seeds contain Peptic Linitic acid. In dried leaves of coriander, vitamins A, C are found. The health benefits of coriander seed are very high. So much of its compounds still unknown. Use coriander seeds rate in chennai & kerala .

Unfortunately, due to the destruction of the ecosystem of these plants, gradually the number of such valuable medicines reduced. The valuable species of medicinal plants are endangered.

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