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coriander seed price why it's good to buy quality corianderHow to use coriander in the kitchen?What are coriander seeds?Origin and discovery of coriander seedsCooking and preparation of coriander seedsConservation of coriander seeds
coriander price


The buy and sale of coriander seed wholesale price in eastern countries, especially India, is very common. If you are looking to find out the price of this good seed, just call us.

We provide our clients highest quality coriander seeds (Dhania). That are widely used in garam masala for seasoning the dishes and enhancing their flavor. In addition, they are also consumed as Dhana Dal after the meals in India. These coriander seeds are also a key ingredient in the South Indian cuisines like sambhar & rasam

Coriander is a herb that Indian widely use it in cooking. It is a plant of the same family as anise but with a less pronounced taste. With coriander seeds, we make it a first choice spice.

coriander price


coriander seed price

Coriander seeds are our main products, which are mainly sold. The plant is an indigenous plant located in the Mediterranean and also in southern Europe. Of course, coriander comes in most parts of Iran. The plant has been from ancient times and has been used by the Egyptian people. The company offers coriander seeds after packaging, modification and grading in various packages to its customers.

coriander price


 why it’s good to buy quality coriander

What are the benefits of coriander? Here’s

Coriander offers toning and antiseptic benefits.

Coriander seeds are stimulating and keep you fit. They also promote the digestive processes and perfume breath.

The coriander leaves contain an abundance of vitamin K, this micronutrient helps to promote blood clotting.

Here are some virtues of coriander, you already have reasons to add in your recipes.

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How to use coriander in the kitchen?

you can add the coriander seeds to a gratin of chard, traditional oriental dishes or a pan fried seafood.

Also you can use coriander seed for long cooking dishes and marinades.

you can tast coriander seed powder  in rice, Moroccan dishes, sauces, meats and fish and especially for short cooking.

And coriander for dessert will sublimate or spice cake or gingerbread.

coriander price


What are coriander seeds?

The coriander seeds also come from a plant whose scientific name is Coriandrum sativum, from the Apiaceae family. 30 to 60 cm high, coriander gives white flowers and clear green leaves from which it gives off the perfume of coriander. The coriander seeds, fully edible, are in the form of small round berries light brown.

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Origin and discovery of coriander seeds

Since 1550 BC, corianders already among the plants use in medicine in Egypt. We also find some traces written on the tombs of the pharaohs like that of Tutankhamen. In ancient times, they use coriander seeds as flavorings. They were introduced in Western Europe by the Romans. The coriander seeds were used a lot in the kitchen to preserve the meat. Nowadays, cosmetic companies use coriander seeds in the composition of several perfumes, including Eau d’Hermès.

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Cooking and preparation of coriander seeds

French chefs also use coriander seeds to flavor pickled condiments such as gherkins. As spices, also you can use coriander seeds in various dishes such as tajines or couscous, or gingerbread. Also you can use it in many soup recipes or meat dishes. In India, people use coriander seeds in local curry.

You can eat coriander as a condiment for its leaves, like parsley. But we consume mostly dried fruit, often confused with seeds because of their small size, which is used as spice.

coriander price

Conservation of coriander seeds

You must keep the coriander seeds in a dry, cool place and protected from light. It is necessary to think of arranging them beforehand in an airtight container. You can keep it well from 12 to 18 months without problem.

Coriander, also known as cultivated coriander, by the scientific name Coriandrum sativum is a herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae family as well as, for example, cumin.
Unlike the plant, whose smell is very strong, dried fruits are less fragrant, giving off a delicate perfume tinged with citrus notes. On the palate, the taste is on the other hand very pronounced, but not very pungent.

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