Coriander Seeds Price| Coriander seeds price in Ballari

Coriander Seeds Price | Coriander seeds price in Bellary

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coriander seeds price in Bellary is low. What are the ecological needs of the coriander? Herbal Coriander is a light friend. And during the course of it, it needs a lot of light. That’s why it works well in Africa and India. It needs 900 to 940 hours of brightness from its inception to the end of flowering. There is a lot of light in Africa and Turkey. And it needs a total of 1400 to 1500 hours of light during the growth period. use coriander seeds price in Bellary.

Coriander Seeds Price| Coriander seeds price in Ballari

Coriander Thermal Need

The seeds are able to withstand temperatures of -8 to -10 degrees Celsius. That is, coriander is sensitive to cold during germination. Coriander is sensitive to cold after germination. Therefore, it needs to be kept well in the germination stages. Plants are slightly more resistant in the early stages of growth. That is, they are more resistant in stage 4 to 6. And very low temperatures (-16 to -18 degrees Celsius) without any damage.

However, the optimum temperature for coriander growth is 19 degrees. From the time of its emergence to the completion of the fruit. The temperature is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. Although the seeds bud at 4 to 6 degrees Celsius. But the optimum temperature is slightly higher. The optimum temperature for germination is 12 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Coriander Seeds Price| Coriander seeds price in Ballari

Irrigation steps

Coriander plant requires several irrigation steps during the course. Usually 10 to 13 irrigation periods are required. Of course, the irrigation can be picked up longer. Because coriander is resistant to dehydration. The most important courses are coriander patches. These include 35 to 45 days, 60 to 70 days, 80 to 90 days, and finally 100 to 110 days.

Generally, coriander for growth and development needs a lot of light and warmth. It requires enough food and relatively little water. Suitable soils and strong tissue are essential for planting this plant. Loose soils are not suitable for Coriander root wheat root. Soils with loamy texture are appropriate. The pH for coriander is between 9/4 and 2/8. Try coriander seeds price in Bellary.

Coriander Seeds Price| Coriander seeds price in Ballari

Coriander cultivation and cultivation methods

Coriander is multiplied by seed. The amount of seed used for coriander production is 10 to 15 kg per hectare. In water crops and 25 to 35 kg per hectare is used for drying. Before planting seeds. Should be screened. Separate weak beans. Poor beads reduce the germination rate. Sliced ​​grains are crushed to separate the two mesocarpes. If the sheath of the seeds is broken artificially. Seed access to moisture increases. And germination of coriander seeds will increase. Because it provides better grain access to water. And if the seeds are placed in water for one hour before planting. Or washed with water is also good. Because they can grow in more favorable conditions. The seeds are then disinfected by fungicide toxins.

Coriander Seeds Price| Coriander seeds price in Ballari

Coriander cultivate

Coriander cultivars are cultivated in two ways. In the second method, the intervals between the rows are 20 to 30 cm apart. And the bush intervals are 10 centimeters. 55 per square meter, 50 bushes. Or at least 33 plants per square meter. The planting depth should not be more than 2 to 3 centimeters. Seeds that are spread must be mixed with soil with a shredder. In the best way, the seeds are soaked in cold water for 12 to 24 hours before planting. This can accelerate the germination process. Use coriander seeds price in Bellary.

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