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coriander seed Wholesale Price Trend in Russia

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Major coriander production and the global share of Russia  IndiaThe causes of the price increase of coriander in 2015 in Russia, India and the worldMarket price Herbs & Spices and global price fluctuationsThe causes of reduced coriander seed prices in 2016 in Russia, India and the worldPrediction and strategy of coriander seed cultivation in Russia for 2019 yearsCoriander seed use by importers & purchasers coriander seeds from Russiacoriander contentcoriander seed Wholesale Price and propertiesCoriander production and exportCoriander nutrition value


In 2016, Russia was able to introduce himself as a leader in the export of coriander seeds. And this trend happened with the increase in wholesale prices of coriander seeds over a few consecutive years.

The main consumer and main producer of coriander seeds have always been India, but the Indian country has been facing problems for the production of coriander seeds, droughts that lasted a few years and caused a drastic drop of the qualitative and quantitative crop of coriander seeds in India.

Russia and Ukraine due to the appropriate conditions to produce, They used the opportunity, and Russia was able to introduce themselves as a leader in the export of coriander seeds and issued a major part of Coriander’s product to India.

coriander seed Wholesale Price

Major coriander production and the global share of Russia  India

Although India has more than half of the world’s coriander seed production, more than all countries in the world are importing coriander seeds, the world’s largest producer of Russia.

Most of Russia’s coriander seed products are exported to about 40% to 60% to India. Then Pakistan is in the next place where the most import of coriander seeds from Russia, other countries, such as Sri Lanka and the Emirate, also enter the Russian coriander.

But this About 75% of the three-quarter coriander exporters in Russia are equivalent to the only% 1 of the market, farmers say that the Crimean region has the highest production of coriander seeds and is decisive, the year 2013 the efforts concluded and the export of coriander found considerable growth, and also with the encouragement of exporters and Farmers in the export growth continued to reach its peak in 2015, Russia was able to issue 45 thousand tons of coriander seeds in accordance with the growth of export prices, according to one of Russia’s major exporters price per kilogram of coriander exports compared to 2012 years, about the higher $0.80 Several factors resulted in 2015 of the price of coriander seeds to 1.62 USD.

The causes of the price increase of coriander in 2015 in Russia, India and the world

  • Rising fuel prices
  • Increasing coriander seed consumption
  • The dollar price increased in proportion to the ruble, which was the attractiveness of exports
  • There was a strong desire for Hindus curry at that time

Hindus Spice is the most famous spice of Indians, of which six main substances are red chilli, turmeric, cumin, clove, ginger and coriander seeds.

Market price Herbs & Spices and global price fluctuations

The market of spices has many benefits, what is coriander seeds, whether chilli, cumin, saffron or turmeric, each of these can have a lot of profitability, especially if turmeric, cumin, high-quality chilli peppers can be packaged and supplied in the right markets at times As well as seven times profitability.

But not only do the markets always face the ups and downs, most of the time when farmers try to predict, that the profitable spice of the next year which will be spice and when it feels to be stuck about a product, a large amount of it will be planted and if the market The traction of the volume of the supply will not be the result of detrimental to the farmer and Consumer, 

Because the consumer is likely to be more expensive in one or two years, because the farmer is emotionally  reluctant to plant this product is called “sentiment market”

Or at the time of the farmers, they try to cultivate what they understand and know that most of the time happens after the failures that have been tested for new products in the year before, in Russia can be a mustard plant that is a little risk For farmers, the mustard market in Russia is perpetual with a high supply of the farmers to have less harm.

The farmers can adjust the balance between the high-risk products and the lowest risk of supply, which makes the price not to fall sharply, Hope to be their chance in agriculture, the climate of the cultivation season and try to produce a quality product in the market will surely be a good price.

“The price is very dependent on the quality and in turn depends on the climate and chance of the farmer”

Irina Minina

The causes of reduced coriander seed prices in 2016 in Russia, India and the world

But in the year 2016 the production of coriander seeds in Russia was dramatically increased in optimistic mode if they could have up to 65 thousand tons of coriander seed exports, again coriander seed production in Russia was much higher and this occurs while the production of coriander seeds in India Also It was gone and this cause to a huge drop in the coriander seed market price at the time.

However, some of Russia believed that this drop only happened because of Russia, and the growers of the Russian coriander were moving in the path of dumping.

The average coriander seed prices in Russia per ton in the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 respectively, $724, $897, $600, USD 500.

Prediction and strategy of coriander seed cultivation in Russia for 2019 years

The major coriander seed cultivation areas in Russia in southern Russia and the confines of the temperate of Russia grow from Krasnodar’s territory to the regions and areas of Leningrad.

According to the Russian Seed Research Institute, according to the export statistics of Russia in 2016, one-third of the export coriander seeds in the world has been allocated. What has not yet been history and how many years have been constantly multiplied and that capacity has been formed.

Nearly 44 thousand tons was the volume of export of coriander in the year  2016, which was also surpassed in the first 8 months of the whole export year-ago rate. Our main goal could be to get out of the country and import coriander seeds for India from Russia. Because the major coriander seed buyer is from Russia, India and we can continue the process, provided that the agriculture Ministry will accompany.

According to the Russian export center with increasing coriander seed exports in 2016, which reached about 44 thousand tons in front of 31.5 thousand tons in 2015 and 9 thousand tons in 2014, a significant increase, which India has transformed into the biggest import coriander seeds from Russia, and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Poland, the Middle East and Europe have been the major importers of coriander seeds in Russia after India.

Coriander seed use by importers & purchasers coriander seeds from Russia

Coriander seed essential oil is used in food industries, confectionery, distillation, aroma, medicine and soap cleaning products, washes, insecticides as a natural chemical.

From coriander seeds as spice along with other herbs to build curry or alone in foods and Soups and… It is also used in sausage, salami and gum industry …  It is used for its flavour and aroma.

coriander content

coriander seed Wholesale Price is important. It contains vitamin A. coriander has vitamin C. It also contains vitamin B6. In addition, coriander contains iron and magnesium. It contains calcium, potassium and fiber. Vegetables like Coriander are good for the stomach. In addition, coriander improves digestion. This plant have many uses.

coriander seed Wholesale Price


coriander seed Wholesale Price and properties

is coriander seed Wholesale Price important? Coriander has many healing properties. This plant has anti-fouling properties. It is also an appetizer. it prevents illness. It also relieves bile pain. Coriander seeds are very good for the treatment of muscle pain. It stimulates insulin secretion. Coriander is also anti-diabetes herb.

It Relieves toothache. Coriander is good for liver function. it is useful for the excretion of bacteria. This plant has anti- bacteria properties. This plant eliminates arthritis symptoms. Coriander consumption protects the body against infection. Coriander is useful for women. Its water is good for sleeping. Coriander is useful for reducing sexual activity. In addition, coriander have good price.

coriander seed Wholesale Price


Coriander production and export

Coriander can be cultivated in both water and rain fed. In crop cultivation, this plant grows in all soil types. To do this, a lot of manure should be used, so coriander seed Wholesale Price is essential.

They also use livestock manure for light soils. This is to increase water capacity in the soil. Coriander grows in black soils. Clay soil is good for coriander growth. Soil with suitable drainage is good for coriander. In general, coriander grows in better moisture.

The coriander plant has a worldwide use. It always has a customer in Western countries. It also has good customers in Asia. The most important are Pakistan, Germany and United Arab Emirates. A number of other European and Asian countries also want it.

Coriander buyers are familiar for the Coriander product. The price per kilogram of coriander is close to three. Coriander is worth a lot.

Coriander will be recognized globally. This plant becomes a global product. So, more coriander is needed. Farmers should produce of it . The need for coriander is increasing. So, its production and export are essential. Especially that the Its product has a lot of use. Coriander widely use in medicine industry.

Leaves and stems of coriander are eatable. The shape of the seed is round. Its seed contain spices with strong aroma. it seeds are very useful in sweets.

coriander seed Wholesale Price


Coriander nutrition value

Coriander contains hydrocarbons, sugars. it has fiber and a little bit of fat. It also contains protein, water and a variety of vitamins and amino acids.  These include magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Pour some coriander seeds and mix with honey. use this mixture. It is very useful for health of body. Eating coriander seeds strengthens the stomach. It consumption along with food helps to digest it.

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