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coriander seed wholesale price in india

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Coriander general propertiescoriander seed wholesale price in india HistoryIranian ancient scientists sayCoriander  chemical compoundsGet acquainted with the health benefits of coriander and its seedsLeaf and Coriander Stem Properties
coriander seed wholesale


Coriander seed wholesale price are everywhere in the world. As (Shlamesz) writes in his book, the coriander is planted almost everywhere in the world. They use green vegetables as eating vegetables. People believe that this green is cool. He loses his appetite. Kill the coriander seeds with sugar. And after giving birth, pregnant women are giving them food. They believe that it can enhance the general health of the body. Coriander seeds are under consumption in sweets. It makes it aromatic and easy to digest.

coriander seed wholesale

Coriander general properties

Coriander strengthens the stomach. Abdominal bloating.

Coriander seeds also have a diuretic effect. They also use it as a decoction.

The amount you use is a spoonful of coriander. In a cup of boiling water. Which should be taken after a meal.

coriander seed wholesale

coriander seed wholesale price in india History

In ancient India, coriander consumed a lot. When they pray for the gods and the preachers, they use the song.

In the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, coriander was found. Coriander seeds are found along with mummies. This means that the ancient Egyptians thought Coriander holy to be holy.

The people of Israel used coriander. They considered it a celestial food. At the time of immigration, they fed a group of them.

Hippocrates Hakim was in Greece. He prescribed coriander. Due to the properties used to treat seizures and epilepsy. Sleep relaxes. Reduces the pain of the womb. It also eliminated seizures. The sperm was strengthened for mating and childbirth.

coriander seed wholesale

Iranian ancient scientists say

Abu Zakaria Razi was an Iranian physician. He prescribed coriander to calm the headache. Prescribed for binge. According to the latest scientific research. Which is about coriander seeds. It turned out. Coriander seeds contain an essential oil called (chorindrool). Which is ninety percent. Ten other percentages (Geranium), (Neyn), ((Cineol), and ((Trentinin)). Hippocrates knows this plant. It has been useful to treat various diseases. In the Middle Ages, they were useful with sexual weakness. They treated it with coriander. bye coriander seed wholesale price.

Coriander is herbaceous and one year old. Light green that reaches up to 80 cm. Its leaves appear in two forms. There are those at the base of the stem. They are ductile. The other is along the stem. Which are thin and stitch-shaped.

The part used is a plant, stem, leaf and fruit. The coriander is yellow and round. The smell has not been so fresh. It’s almost stinky. But due to drying, this odor vanish. And will be sweet. Even the Latin name is coriander derived from the Greek word Korio. Which means smelly.

coriander seed wholesale price

Coriander  chemical compounds

The following is one hundred grams of coriander

Water 7.5 grams

Fatty substances 15 g

Cellulose 38 g

Essence 1 g

Oxalic acid 12 mg

Calcium 170 mg

Vitamin A 200 units

Vitamin C 50 mg

Coriander Uses

The fresh coriander is a vitamin. Used in Coco and Ash. The seeds are also peeled and powdered. It is as a spice. Especially in Indian foods. Masala is useful in herbs. Mixtures of coriander seeds and cumin seeds are in foods.

Get acquainted with the health benefits of coriander and its seeds

From mid-summer to mid-spring, the coriander plant is beautiful, beautiful flower umbrellas. They blossom white and sometimes pink. And they smell like bacon. These flowers then turn into green fruits. Or the same coriander seed. Which, upon arrival, are separated from the plant. And shed. These seeds contain fatty substances and proteins and cellulose materials. It contains potassium and calcium. Vitamin C and A and essential oils.

coriander seed wholesale

Leaf and Coriander Stem Properties

– Coriander water is sleepy. To this end, you should eat 30 g of coriander water. The raw coriander water should be with sugar. The consumption of this plant is not good. Causes loosening.

– Sleeping and relaxing.

– Eating Coriander with Sour Cranberry Food prevents. The whole coriander prevents food poisoning.


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