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Coriander Seed Market | How is the Coriander Seed Market in India & Iran?

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Coriander seed Market report 2018Coriander seed market in IndiaBest Coriander seeds produced in IranCoriander seed Market Progress in 3 last 3 Years

Coriander seed market are not exclusive to Producer Countries. Coriander seeds has become an International spice and ingredient for foods, cosmetics and medicine industries. Also they are advised by herbal experts. Since benefits of Coriander seeds are proofed. The uses of coriander seeds and research on these beneficial seeds has increased. Also people are using coriander seeds in their foods more than other times. Traditional people in Asian countries were using coriander seeds for decades. But they never have any idea about thousand benefits of coriander seeds. They were using coriander seeds for cure stomachache and disorders of stomach. Coriander seeds have more benefits. So all industries are using these seeds as ingredients for producing their productions.

Coriander seed Market report 2018

Iran, Turkey and India as the biggest manufacturers of coriander seeds in the world are producing more than one thousand kilo grams coriander seeds in the world. While Coriander seed Companies do not have many advanced machines and also have limits, they are supplying and providing all needs of industries and people in all around the world to coriander seeds. Coriander seed is a wild plant and growing in desserts with hot climate. But controlling their growing and cultivation of these coriander seeds are not as easy as growing wild. However Iranian manufacturers and Indian coriander seeds manufacturers are expert in this field. So they are leading Coriander seed market in the world. More than other countries these countries are trading coriander seeds. Absolutely there is no doubt that there is no country that could compete with these two biggest coriander seed manufacturers in the world.

Coriander seed market in India

There are a lot of states and cities in India that are the core of trading Coriander seeds. Big cities and Small cities have plenty coriander seed producers. Because suitable conditions for growing coriander seeds are provided in India. So Producers just need a large farm land and water for growing coriander. Also their productions will be not exclusive to coriander seeds. They can sell coriander leaves and have more profits too. Most famous cities to buy coriander seeds in India are:


  • Gujarat
  • Delhi
  • Bellary
  • Virudhunagar
  • Rajasthan
  • Madurai


These cities are famous in Indian Coriander seed market. But the producers of coriander seeds are more than these cities. Because farming is the major work of people in India. Also industries depend on farming. So every trade that is related to farming will be vintage.

Best Coriander seeds produced in Iran


Iran has the same coriander seed market. Iran is the birth place of coriander seeds. Iranian was the first men that have founded coriander seeds are edible. Also they were first users of coriander seeds in medical purposes. Best coriander seeds are produced in Iran. Experts and Professional farmers are producing best Coriander seeds. Advanced machines with high techniques are working too. Finally, raw high quality coriander seeds are ready to Supply.

Coriander seeds does not need special conditions for maintenance. But Dehaulled coriander seeds need conditions. Also they will lose their smell soon. So the best way to keep them safe is keeping them in the vacuum packs. But this is not necessary to buy coriander seeds powder, when you can find coriander seeds in every shop and retail market.


Coriander seed Market Progress in 3 last 3 Years

Coriander seed market has progressed in last 3 years. Machines and Latest methods have played a major role in progressing coriander seed market. Plenty ways of Transporting ease trading and coriander seed exporting for all. So all the factors increase boom in the coriander seed market.

Iran have some cities and provinces like India that are producing Coriander seeds more than other cities like Nahavand. But industries and factories are not advanced in this city. So Companies and Factories buy these coriander seeds from Nahavand farmers and do some process on them and distribute them.



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