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Tips for using coriander seeds:Coriander seed, the most popular seeds of the cosmetics industrycoriander seed, the popular seed of french chefs
Coriander Seed For Sale


The coriander seed have very fragrant and fresh aromas. Its flavor is different from that of coriander leaves. The small seeds of coriander are indispensable in the preparation of many marinades, homemade chutneys, pickles of vegetables and also of savory Indian dishes with shrimps, chicken, fish …

Coriander is an indigenous plant of southern Europe and the Mediterranean, and you can go to most parts of Iran. It has been from ancient times and has been consumed by Egyptians.

Coriander is herbaceous and one year old, green in color, with its height up to 80 cm. Its leaves appear in two forms. Those that are in the base of the stem are in the form of a toothed and the other along the stem that is narrow and stitched. The part used is plant, stem, leaf and fruit. The coriander is round and yellow in color. Its fresh smell is not soothing and it’s almost odorous, but it does not dry out and becomes scented after drying.

Coriander Seed For Sale


Tips for using coriander seeds:

In order to extract the maximum of flavors, grind the small seeds of coriander in a mill or with the bottom of a glass. Add them in the middle / end of cooking.
If you prefer to use the whole seeds, to make a chutney for example, a trick is to grill for a few seconds in a hot pan, dry. But not too long not to burn the aromas. You will see, the aromas will be increased tenfold!

Coriander Seed For Sale


Coriander seed, the most popular seeds of the cosmetics industry

The dried fruit of this plant is known as coriander seed. Feel the presence of neither the kitchen nor the toilet on your desk as an element of moisturizer or perfume in your life. Which is briefly referred to as coriander. Coriander seeds also have the same aroma as citrus lemons. It has a warm, wild, spicy aroma similar to orange extract.

That same amazing coriander seedy scent has contributed to its presence in global business. The trace of this mysterious seed has clearly been seen in the great perfume brands and cosmetics companies.

Coriander Seed For Sale


coriander seed, the popular seed of french chefs

Pickles: carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, gherkin, beetroot … Seared shrimp, prawns
Mango chutneys, pineapple …
Chicken, turkey, pork cooked in a wok for example
Roast simmering in the oven
Fine fish

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