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The whole coriander seed is round and dark yellow and green. The smell is not fresh and it's almost odorous, but it does not disappear when it's dry.; Coriander seeds contain from 0 5 to 1% essential oil, which is rich in useful herbal nutrients such as caron, geranium, limonene, borneol, camphor and linalool.Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual aromatic plant of the umbelliferous family that occupies a prominent place in Thai cuisine. Commonly called "Chinese parsley" or "Arabian parsley", its finely cut leaves give off a strong smell. During the summer, it reaches 80 cm high and develops many small white flowers in umbels that will soon lead to seeds that will be harvested to prepare infusions with stimulating and invigorating properties, which will also facilitate digestion.

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Natural Coriander Seed

Natural Coriander Seed High Quality Aromatic Raw

Natural Coriander Seed High Quality Aromatic Raw is an advantage.…