Coriander, otherwise called cilantro or Chinese parsley, is a yearly herb in the family Apiaceae. All parts of the plant are consumable, however the crisp leaves and the dried seeds are the parts most customarily utilized in cooking.

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The whole coriander seed is round and dark yellow and green. The smell is not fresh and it's almost odorous, but it does not disappear when it's dry.; Coriander seeds contain from 0 5 to 1% essential oil, which is rich in useful herbal nutrients such as caron, geranium, limonene, borneol, camphor and linalool.Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual aromatic plant of the umbelliferous family that occupies a prominent place in Thai cuisine. Commonly called "Chinese parsley" or "Arabian parsley", its finely cut leaves give off a strong smell. During the summer, it reaches 80 cm high and develops many small white flowers in umbels that will soon lead to seeds that will be harvested to prepare infusions with stimulating and invigorating properties, which will also facilitate digestion.
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  The various properties of this plant have made it a special choice in traditional medicine. It is commonly referred to  coriander seeds. The plant is a native plant in the Mediterranean, as well as in southern Europe. Of course, coriander comes in most parts of Iran. It has been from ancient times and has been used by the Egyptian people. Iranian producers offer coriander seeds to their customers after packaging and modification and grading in various packages. Coriander seeds 2019 price per kg today mostly depends on the main producers product .

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Price of coriander seedsCoriander seeds propertiesMy name is Coriander.They also told me the gladiators.The Arabs of Kasira and Kesira are said.I am one of the plants that have microbial properties, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.The old doctors prescribed to smallpox patients to strip me around the eyelids to prevent contact with that eye, and they ordered meals to use them to prevent typhoid fever.I am a cardiologist and cardiologist - I have a lot of benefits to eliminate the suffocation - obsession and hysteria.Most of my properties are in my leaf and fruit, which they call coriander seeds or eggs of gladiolus,Never take too much into my eating, because I am making distressed dreams, harmful and dangerous.My fruit is the best gastric carton, and is the best place to eat, stimulates the appetite of the vagina and mosaic, and more often use my eggs in digestive diseases.

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