Coriander Seed Manufacturer in India | Adroit Coriander seed manufacturers in india at best price

coriander seed manufacturer in india offer good coriander seeds. Coriander is a wild and herbaceous plant and one year plant. It’s full of grean color. Its height reaches up to 150 centimeters. Its leaves appear in plain and jagged form. There are those at the base of the stem. And the other along the stem.One year old. With a stem elongated and thin, grooved and branched. That is, its leaves are separated from the sides of the stem. The leaves are alternated and are divided into shoulders. And the upper leaves have a distinct and large incision. White flowers or pale pink flowers. They are multi-branch umbrellas. Which are at the end of the branches. coriander suppliers in India are so many. coriander seeds price per kg in India is very low and nice to trade. coriander seeds suppliers in tamilnadu is also have coriander seeds in good quality.

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