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Appearance of coriander plantCoriander Uses for Buyer of coriander seedsMedicinal properties Coriander seedsmany other important usesSome Asian Physicians' Thoughts on CorianderThe chemical composition and content of coriander
Buyer of coriander seeds

Buyer of coriander seeds are every where. first of all, Coriander is a native plant of southern Europe. From the Mediterranean. In most parts of Asia, you also go. From ancient times. It is even used by Egyptians.

Hippocrates knows this plant. It used to treat diseases. In the Middle Ages, they reduced the sexual power of coriander. farther more , Old doctors believed. Coriander prevents the spread of diseases. Therefore, people with coronary heart disease were used. Coriander water is being put around their eyes. So, smallpox does not spread to the eyes.

Buyer of coriander seeds

Appearance of coriander plant

Coriander is herbaceous and one year old. Green. Its height reaches up to 80 cm. Its leaves appear in two forms. Those that are at the base of the stem. They are in the form of a toothed. Another is along the stalk. Which is slim and cotton. The part used is plant, stem, leaf and fruit. The coriander fruit is round. Coriander fruit is yellow. The smell is not fresh. It’s almost stinky. But due to the dryness of the odor disappears. And will be sweet.

Buyer of coriander seeds

Coriander Uses for Buyer of coriander seeds

The fresh coriander is a vitamin. certainly, Used in a variety of foods. They also roast and powder the seeds. certainly , used as spices, especially in Indian foods. Masala is used in herbs. A mixture of coriander and cumin seeds powder is used in traditional Asian dishes.

Medicinal properties Coriander seeds

what Buyer of coriander seeds want? The old medicine says the coriander and coriander seeds are cold and dry. The stomach and intestines are disinfected and it is a worm case. For this purpose, use 2 to 5 grams of egg. Coriander seed is urinating. It is used to improve lung function. For this purpose, use coriander seeds for decoction. In this way, it pumps 10 to 30 grams of water per liter of water. Then drink tea with sugar. It is useful for the kernel. It is useful for the cold. For this purpose, make a soup of fresh chicken and fresh coriander.

Buyer of coriander seeds

many other important uses

How many times you take and see its miraculous effect? Coriander seeds increase the milk of nursing mothers. For this purpose, take 2 to 5 grams of it with a little honey. Coriander seed is a heart auger. Enjoying Coriander seed is basic. Chopped coriander seeds are useful. Eating roasted coriander seeds removes bloody diarrhea. And infectious diseases of the intestine like typhoid fever. Coriander is highly microbial. Farther more, use coriander seeds to relieve the pain.

Buyer of coriander seeds

Some Asian Physicians’ Thoughts on Coriander

Zakaria Razi was a Muslim physician and scientist. She prescribed coriander to calm the headache. It also prescribed it for relief. Pour 10 g of coriander seeds into four liters of water. Let it swell to reach a liter. Cool it a little. Pour over toothache to remove toothache. Spit 10 g of coriander seeds. Make it brown. Powder it. Mix some vinegar. Drink it for a few days to remove the hemorrhoids. Make a teaspoon of coriander powder. Pour it in a glass of boiling water. Take for 5 minutes. Then use it to wash your mouth, teeth, and throat.

Buyer of coriander seeds

The chemical composition and content of coriander

The ingredients contained in 100 grams of coriander are as follows

Water 7.5 grams

Cellulose 38 g

Fatty substances 15 g

Acidogasic 1 g

Calcium 170 mg

Vitamin A 200 units

Vitamin C 50 mg

The fresh coriander, which is often overlooked, is one of the healthiest foods in the world, and because of its high antioxidant capacity in a healthy diet, it is essential for fruits and vegetables. Coriander, also known as a delicious plant in the kitchen. Also, its natural and health benefits are known due to its well-known plant chemistry. Teaching how to use fresh vegetables and spices, such as coriander, during cooking can also help reduce sodium intake.

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