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Traders can buy coriander seeds at supplier prices in India. The coriander seeds are natural and with the best flavour. The quality of the coriander seeds requires quality at all stages of the production and supply of coriander seeds for export.

The coriander plant, in general, has different parts, each of which is individually usable. As well as taking into account the properties of each part of the coriander plant and tastes of people in different parts of the world. What parts of the coriander plant can be used? All Components and parts of the coriander plant are usable.


Different parts of the coriander plant

  •   root
  •   stem
  •  Flower
  •   seeds

When does the coriander plant become coriander seeds?

Time to turn the coriander to seed

Coriander seed is the same as the coriander plant. After the various stages of the coriander life cycle. After the formation of the stem and coriander flowering, the last stage of coriander fruit is formed. The environmental conditions and care of each stage are very effective on the flavour and final product.

Coriander Plant loves the dry farming and semi-rainfed environment. Because of high humidity especially during flowering. Given the fact that at this time the umbrella was opened and the field covered.

Effect of moisture on coriander seeds

High moisture content is a great deal of damage and a sharp reduction in crop production and an obstacle to the high quality of coriander seeds
After harvesting coriander seeds and after reducing the moisture content and drying the coriander seeds. It is time to clean them from weeds and then grading the coriander seeds. As long as the coriander seed producer finds the right crop. Care must be taken to monitor the moisture content of the seeds Coriander. And take care that their humidity does not exceed 13%.


There are 2 methods for harvesting coriander seeds

  •  The first method of direct harvesting that the product should have reached a percentage of dry and humidity so that we can harvest straight coriander seeds.
  •  The second method of semi-direct harvest, which is arranged in this first stage of the coriander plant to dry, and in the next step, coriander seeds are separated by special machines.

In the first step, because of the high amount of coriander seeds, the quality of their essential oils and fragrances decreases. But in the second method, when coriander seeds have the most flavour. They are stacked and dried to maintain their quality. And appearance for delivery to the coriander seed supplier.
Is the coriander seed of different types?


Coriander seed types

  1. Indian coriander seeds
  2. European coriander seeds

Indian coriander seeds are larger than the European coriander seeds and are oval. But European coriander seeds, as we said, are smaller and spherical.


How to buy coriander seeds at a price

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