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bulk coriander seeds rate price are low.The use of coriander has been popular since ancient times. And it was even useful and sanctified by the Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations. The Greek pepper collected and dried this plant. And used it to treat illnesses of that time. Coriander is also useful for cooking and medical purposes. It was useful during Babylon and the third millennium BC. It is also mentionable in the Bible of Christians. And in the tomb of Pharaoh Tuntan Khamoun has been found as a symbol of eternal life. Central Asia has long been the site of this type of drug. bulk coriander seeds rate price are affordable.

bulk coriander

History of coriander consumption in ancient medicine

In ancient medicine, medications were obtained from plants. At the birth of Rustam, the Iranian mythology, the mythology bird, Simorgh , ordered them to smash a special herb. And by mixing it with milk and drying it in the shade. And the wound affects Roodab. The delicate tip of this order is. It is advisable to dry the balm in the shade. Its properties are not lost due to sunlight and heat. The recommendations that remain in place today to preserve medications. Understanding the drugs used by the ancient Egyptians. And it is from the sacred papyrus that remained of them.bulk coriander seeds rate price are affordable.  Coriander and coriander seeds are also useful in this medicine.bulk coriander seeds rate price are affordable.

bulk coriander

Documents of coriander use in ancient time

The most valuable of these papyrus is Papyrus Smith. Egyptians used almost all parts of the coriander plant. Babylonian medicine has replaced by small tablets. A plaque bearing the name of the drugs on the cuneiform. The elements they used were essentially plant roots. Unlike Egyptians, the Babylonians have not mentioned the weight and size. In ancient Indian texts, medicinal plants divided into two groups. The first group is useful as laxative, tangent or laxative. Which is coriander and coriander seeds of this group. Or cause nasal secretion. And the other group is housing. There is coriander seeds in this group too. The most important part of Chinese traditional medicine is herbal medicine.

bulk coriander

The origin of the coriander plant

Coriander is one of the most valuable medicinal plants. Which developed in various industries, including pharmaceuticals in developed countries. And the plant is dehydrated. So it is cultivates in different parts of the world. Coriander seeds have opened in Egypt in the tomb of Pharaoh. It has also been found in other ancient Egyptian tombs. Interesting thing is that. In ancient Egyptian writings, various types of coriander have mentioned. They came from Asia and cultivated in Egypt. Coriander has been an heavenly plant for Egyptians.
The origin of the coriander plant not well defined. And there is not much information about its wild species. However. Some researchers have considered Coriander as a wild African plant.

bulk coriander

How coriander seeds drop from plant

The coriander fruit is loose at harvest time. And the fruit pod separates from the base. And falls down. That is, it falls in the field. Coriander may be considerable a weed for the next patrol. It is in the list of  the famous plant list book. This is a list of plants and crop areas. Coriander is a native of Central Asia and Ethiopia.bulk coriander seeds rate price are affordable.

bulk coriander

General properties of Coriander Plant

This small green plant is full of vitamin and tonic types. Wholesalers buy more herbs in bulk. The price of natural coriander seeds depends on the condition. That the farmer does to plant this plant. When a good plant is cultivated by a farmer. Take care of it. Naturally, good goods are also good money. So it’s advisable for dear farmers to do better in coriander planting.

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